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Close to 50% of adult Canadians have a valid Will. This group of people expects their estates to unfold as they have determined. For those who have not prepared Wills, the administration of their estates will be governed by rules set out in provincial legislation. The result may not be what these people would otherwise have intended and can lead to delays, extra costs and possible disputes. A properly prepared Will, as part of a comprehensive estate plan, can avoid these problems and allow people to control how their estates will be managed.

The statistics with respect to powers of attorney for property and personal care are believed to be approaching that of Wills. This means the people who prepared powers of attorney have decision makers in place to help when they are unable. For those who have not taken this step, it can mean delays in the administration of financial or health care decisions as well as extra costs and possible disputes. Properly prepared powers of attorney allow people to control who will make decisions on their behalf and how those decisions will be made.

The purpose of this site is to provide an overview of relevant information to help visitors understand the Will and estate planning process, along with related issues, in order to enable them to evaluate their needs and prepare to work effectively with professionals. This is not a DIY site or research tool. There are other resources for those purposes. However, there are guides and forms that can be used to collect information before visitors meet with their lawyer and other professionals.

Proper Will and estate planning does not have quick solutions. Like anything worth doing well, it takes some effort. Cutting corners can be one of the most costly mistakes a person can make both financially and personally. Disputes are expensive and they destroy relationships – think family law for deceased persons.

Thousands of Canadian have already taken control of their estate planning needs.┬áTour the site and decide for yourself what quality Will and estate planning is worth to you, your family and others you care about protecting. Then, Make a Will Canada. Do it right – NOW!

A good plan is an important step in the right direction but it is not the end of the journey. It serves as an ongoing guide for future decisions. Once you have a plan, it needs to be implemented correctly and in a timely manner. Changes in circumstances after your plan is implemented can require revisions to the plan and supporting documents so regular review is essential.

Plan, implement, review and revise. This is the way to ensure effective results and the basis of this site.