In order for your estate plan to take effect, it needs to be implemented. This can involve the preparation of a variety of related documents such as Wills, powers of attorney, trusts, beneficiary designations, title documents, and account registrations. Some of these documents, such as beneficiary designations and account registrations, do not have to be completed by a lawyer. However, to ensure the proper completion of the forms and consistency with your plan as well as any documents prepared by your lawyer, it is recommended that all these types of forms be reviewed by a lawyer. It is very easy to make a mistake and undo an otherwise carefully implemented plan with a few quick pen strokes. These mistakes can cause a range of problems and potentially lead to expensive litigation later.

In many jurisdictions Wills and powers of attorney do not have to be prepared by lawyers provided certain formalities are observed. Unfortunately, attempting to prepare these important documents yourself or using DIY kits can lead to mistakes that will thwart your intentions and may even result in expensive litigation that destroys personal relationships.