The goals for property management will likely be very different from those for care and treatment decisions. Therefore, the two types of documentation should be approached separately.

With respect to powers of attorney for property, consideration should be given to items such as whether there will be multiple powers of attorney so that certain specific items of property can be manage separately. Other things to consider are the residency of the persons to be apointed, whether they should be compensated and how, as well as the types of powers to be granted to them.

With respect to powers of attorney for care, consideration should be given to your personal beliefs about the types of treatments and care you would or would not consent. This can then operate as your guide for picking decision makers who you believe will be able to make proper decisions that reflect your beliefs. It can also help you and your lawyer craft special instructions in the power of attorney for care about your care and treatment. However, specific instructions related to particular medical procedures should be prepared as part of a medical directive with the advice of appropriate medial practitioners.

For assistance, use the downloadable PDF Get Started – Power of Attorney Planning booklet accessible from the link in the above section or under the Forms tab.