Wills – The required age in New Brunswick is 19. Holograph Wills are permitted. Marriage revokes a Will with some exceptions.

Power of Attorney for Property – They can either terminate on incapacity or be set up to survive incapacity. The legislation does not specifically use the terms enduring or continuing for powers of attorney for property that survive incapacity. The required age is 19.

Power of Attorney for Personal Care – The required age is 19 and it appears that the document must be made under seal to be valid. The document can set out health care instructions and appoint a substitute decision maker.

Estate Administration Tax (probate fee) – There is a court filing fee in addition to the tax which follows this schedule with respect to estate values: up to $5000 of value – $25; over $5000 but not over $10,000 of value – $50; over $10,000 but not over $15,000 of value – $75; over $15,000 but not over $20,000 of value – $100; over $20,000 of value – $5 per $1000 or part thereof. No upper limit.

Age of Majority – 19