Wills – The required age is 17. Holograph Wills are permitted. Marriage revokes a Will unless it contains a declaration in it that the Will is made in contemplation of the marriage or a another exception is met.

Power of Attorney for Property – The required age is 19. The power of attorney can be set up to either terminate on incapacity or survive it. It should be noted that under Newfoundland & Labrador law, the attorney for property is deemed to be a trustee. This means that most of the provisions of the Trustee Act apply with some exclusions.

Power of Attorney for Personal Care – They are referred to as directives and the required age is 16. The document can set out care instructions or principles, appoint a substitute decision maker or both.

Estate Administration Tax (probate fee) – The applicable fee is determined by the following schedule: up to $1000 of estate value – $60; over $1000 of estate value – $60 plus $5 per $1000 of estate value or part thereof over the initial $1000. No upper limit.

Age of Majority – 19