Wills – The age to be able to make a Will in Ontario is 18, with a couple of exceptions. Holograph Wills are permitted. In Ontario, marriage revokes a Will unless it is made in contemplation of marriage and the Will contains a declaration to that effect or a couple of other exceptions are met.

Powers of Attorney for Property – This is the term used in Ontario. Powers of attorney for property can either be effective only during capacity or they can be specified to survive incapacity (called “continuing power of attorney for property”). The age to make a power of attorney for property in Ontario is 18.

Powers of Attorney for Personal Care – This is the term used in Ontario and the required age is 16. The document can appoint substitute decision makers and can also include instructions about how personal care decisions are to be made.

Estate administration tax (probate fee) – It is calculated as $5 for each $1000 or part thereof up to estate values of $50,000, plus $15 for each $1000 or part thereof by which the estate value exceeds $50,000. No upper limit.

Age of Majority – 18