Wills – The age to make a Will in Saskatchewan is 18 with a couple of exceptions. Holograph Wills are permitted. Marriage revokes a Will as does 2 years of continuous cohabitation, unless the Will contains a declaration that it is being made in contemplation of the marriage or cohabitation.

Power of Attorney for Property – This refers to either a power of attorney or enduring power of attorney depending on whether it is intended to terminate on incapacity or survive incapacity in which case specifed statutory rules must be followed. They can authorize the making of financial decisions on behalf of the grantor as well as certain personal decisions other than those governed by a health care directive (power of attorney for personal care).

Power of Attorney for Personal Care – This is referred to as a health care directive in Saskatchewan and the required age is 16. The document can set out health care decisions, appoint a proxy or do both. They are only effective on incapacity.
Estate Administration Tax (probate fee) – The court filing fee is calculated as $7 per $1000 or part thereof. No upper limit.

Age of Majority – 18

*Note: The government of Saskatchewan introduced new rules effective Jan 1, 2015 with respect to powers of attorney for property. The new rules include increased record keeping requirements, restrictions on what attorneys can charge for compensation, allowing the attorney to make gifts out of the donor’s property (with limitations), and giving the Public Guardian’s office the power to investigate the attorneys management of the donor’s property.