Wills – The age required to make a Will is 19 with some exceptions such as being in the military. Holograph Wills are permitted. Marriage revokes a Will unless the Will contains a declaration indicating it was made in comtemplation of marriage or another minor exception is met.

Power of Attorney for Property – Referred to as enduring powers of attorney. A person must be an adult and capable in order to make an enduring power of attorney which means meeting the age of majority.

Power of Attorney for Personal Care – Referred to as a Personal or Health Directive. A person only needs to be 16 to make a directive in which they can set out their wishes and instructions with respect to care decisions as well as appointing a proxy to make decisions when the grantor is incapable. If the Directive will contain instructions about certain classes of decisions, it must be made in consultation with a lawyer and comply with specified formalities.

Supported Decision Making and Representation Agreements – These do not precisely fit under either the power of attorney for property or power of attorney for personal care classifications. What they do is allow a grantor who needs some help managing their affairs (supported decision making) or wants to authorize decision making with respect to day to day decisions (representative decision making) to enter into an agreement while capable to appoint a decision maker to assist while the grantor is capable. These agreements ceased to be valid on the incapacity of the grantor in which case an enduring power of attorney is needed for financial decisions and personal directive for health care decisions.

Estate Administration Tax (probate fee) – There is a $140 filing fees for estates valued at over $25,000. There may also be a filing fee (amount undisclosed) for estates where the value is estimated to be under $25,000. It should be noted that in the Yukon probate is required for all estates.

Age of Majority – 19